A winter without Russian gas leads to drastic measures in Europe!

If Russia cuts gas to Europe, Switzerland prepares to warm up the old fashioned way. This is why, according to Deutsche Welle, citing the Swiss television channel RTS, the country lacks wood. Fearing energy shortages following the war in Ukraine, the Swiss population bought unusual amounts of firewood in the height of summer.

Preparing for a long winter
Europe is preparing for a harsh winter. Governments and citizens are anticipating energy restrictions and measures have already been announced. In Spain, it has been announced that, in the face of winter and as a measure to save energy, stores will be required to turn off the lights in the windows before ten o’clock in the evening. It’s a harsh and unexpected measure in a country known for its lively nightlife and its citizens who often don’t eat dinner before 10 p.m.!

Lighting will also be turned off in monuments and public buildings;
The Spanish government has also announced that the lighting of monuments and public buildings will be switched off at ten o’clock in the evening. The Alhambra in Granada is depicted in this image. Some local politicians have criticized the Spanish government’s lighting restrictions, saying they will lead to a return to a “dark city”, with more crime, and thus Spanish towns will attract fewer tourists.

“Scary” winter forecast
According to Bloomberg, experts in the UK describe the winter energy outlook as “terrifying”. “Winter is going to be bad,” Emma Pinchbeck, executive director of Energy UK, told Bloomberg. “The price cap projections are extremely concerning.”

400 pounds of help with household energy bills
In response to the impending rise in energy prices, the British government has announced a 400 pounds ($488) aid package for households. However, some experts wonder if assuming a potentially skyrocketing price will suffice. After tough negotiations between its member countries, the European Union has agreed that all its components will consume 15% less gas this winter. This will imply limitations in businesses and homes.

Objective: use 15% less gasoline.
After tough negotiations between its member countries, the European Union has agreed that this winter, all of its components will have to consume 15% less gas. This will mean restrictions in businesses and homes.

The most serious crisis since the Second World War
In an analysis published in the Financial Times in April 2022, they titled it “The worst crisis since World War II” to refer to the possibility that Germany will have to slow down its industrial production due to a lack of energy. Until the outbreak of the war, Russian gas supplied large German industry, representing 55% of the country’s energy consumption.

Shocking measures
Because the Russians have already reduced the amount of gas sent to Germany, municipalities have already approved drastic energy-saving measures. According to the BBC, hot water has been cut in municipal sports centers and other public buildings in Hanover since the end of July. Additionally, public buildings, such as those in Spain, must turn off lights to save energy.