Celtic’s preparations for Europe are completely unaffected by all the craziness elsewhere.

No football today, just a collective collapse into social madness.

The royal beekeeper went this morning to tell his bees that the queen (as opposed to their queen) was dead and that they now had to “buzz for King Charles”. Someone is buzzing something anyway.

He described it as one of the “sadest days of his life”.

I would feel the same if it was part of my job description and a duty I had to fulfill.

A photo from outside Ibrox showed a marmalade sandwich wrapped in cellophane with a note to “Lizzie” on it.

What a useless and stupid exercise. Do you know how difficult it is to remove the cellophane from a sandwich? Even a homeless person probably won’t be able to eat this now. Especially after he’s been there for a few days.

A woman on BBC News 24 held up a vase she had brought with her to the palace gates to pay her respects. Why a vase? Her nan’s ashes were in there and her nan had always loved the queen and wanted to be there.

And I wonder; they are supposed to be normal people.

But this is definitely not normal behavior.

It’s weird. It’s as if Hidden Hills opened a whole new campus and filled it up overnight.

Large swathes of the country are caught in a kind of collective madness.

Keir Starmer explained yesterday how she ‘reigns over us’ but at the same time ‘lives among us’.

Even if the first part doesn’t shock you, the second should.

All the while I thought she was in a castle somewhere as she was in sheltered accommodation in East Kilbride, getting supplies from the local food bank and trying not to run out of her ration card.

It is sometimes difficult to digest.

We are a modern society, where large parts of the country live in poverty or are on the verge of being plunged into it, and everything has stopped because the hereditary monarch has died.

And that’s the appropriate term. Among the things she “passed on” was an estate worth over £1billion.

It’s everything that’s wrong with the country summed up in the life and death of a single individual.

This manifests itself most, perhaps, in the sentimentality of the readers of the Daily Mail and the Express, the very people who do not believe that the social safety net should even exist for its “subjects” and who do not cannot imagine what life will be like without some distant figure reigning over them.

The very “values” she was meant to embody, meanwhile, are the very ones their newspapers of choice piss all over every day of the week.

Over at Ibrox, some of their fans really struggle with the complexity and depth of this one.

Read their forums and you will see how many of them struggle to adapt to the new songs they have to learn and the new terminology that replaces the old.

God save the Queen is now God save the King.

The Queens Eleven became the Kings Eleven.

That’s what passes for intellectual heaviness there.

The change of a word.

It’s an endeavor that most of them will struggle with for some time.

The general feeling that they and she had some sort of “special relationship” is just one manifestation of the illusions in which all actors get lost in there.

“We owed him so much,” bleated on Twitter, to which a prankster replied “£120m or thereabouts.”

Which made me laugh even though the final figure is disputed.

Not content with today’s matches being cancelled, they also want Tuesday’s game cancelled, with some even suggesting the team should ‘give up’ the game as a general principle. The 3-0 defeat that would be handed to them is probably less than what they will suffer, so I can understand why a surprising number of them look set to take it on the chin.

Meanwhile, from Celtic, two statements.

One acknowledging his death and the other acknowledging that we have been “informed” that today’s game has been cancelled.

Nothing more.

Everyone at Celtic is too busy doing their daily jobs for all these shirt tears.

We are preparing for the match in the middle of the week.

That’s all we do.

We ignore all the white noise and mass hysteria elsewhere.

While on forums across town some are demanding that their players be spared having to “play through their grief” (as if all those foreign nationals even care that an elder blew their hooves off), our players are treated as professionals and – more importantly – adults and carry on.

We have a huge game to play on Wednesday. Massive.

Thank goodness our players and staff are fully focused on this, and all the craziness around them hasn’t affected what we’re doing. Neither should he. We live in the real world after all.