Compendium: Good practices in Council of Europe member states to promote voluntary measures in mental health

A collection of good practices for promoting voluntary measures in the field of mental health care is now publicly available.

The Bioethics Committee (DH-BIO) and Dr Piers Gooding, consultant, have completed the work of developing a Compendium of Good Practices to Promote Voluntary Measures in Mental Health Care Provided by the Action Plan Council of Europe Strategy on Human Rights and Technologies in Biomedicine (2020-2025). This action contributes to safeguarding the rights of people with mental health problems and aims to provide practical examples, as well as to serve as inspiration for policy makers and service providers.

In July 2020, the DH-BIO launched a campaign to collect examples of these good practices by launching an online survey with a set of questions relevant to the scope of the Compendium, providing examples from different contexts. and from different countries.

The scope and methodology of the Compendium were defined taking into account the discussions and the results of a stakeholder consultation meeting held in Brussels in November 2019 with the aim of refining the scope and methodology of the compilation of the Compendium. .

We thank Dr Piers Gooding for the work done, as well as all the delegations who supported this initiative and took a very active part in the compilation of the Compendium. We also thank the other stakeholders – associations, networks and organizations working in the field of mental health for their contribution to this work.