Credit: Which Bank Is The Best

The banks check the creditworthiness of customers before lending. They want to know if they can afford the monthly payments at all. In most cases, it is necessary to contact Credit Bureau. It is not easy to find the best bank as a financing partner. Here, too, the main thing about loans is to check the interest rate in the bank test.

Credit Cards Germany – Which Credit Card is the Best?

Credit Cards Germany - Which Credit Card is the Best?

In Germany cash payment is preferred. This means that the number of companies that accept card payments is generally lower than in other countries such as the United States or France. Of course, cards are accepted in all metropolitan areas, large hotel and restaurant businesses in tourist areas. If you want to pay your restaurant or your bill with a card, it is advisable to check whether it is accepted before placing an order.

The following points are explained for a successful credit card application: place of residence in Germany, a regular salary and medium to very good ratings. The most common is the link to a current account. This has several advantages: The bank knows about the creditworthiness of the client and offers a corresponding credit line.

Card transactions are settled with the current account after completion of the account statement. There is no loan interest until then.

Direct service providers from credit card companies are often foreign companies that are licensed in Germany. You almost always apply for a credit card payment directly online. The provider then carries out a credit check (Credit Bureau) and sends the card with a first credit note by post. The foreign credit card companies often operate along the lines of the United States. This means that the credit limit increases depending on the utilization of the limit and the timely payment of the minimum amount of the credit card bill from the current account by direct debit.

With timely and full payment of the credit card account, everything is included for the consumer. Prepaid cards The term “prepaid cards” is actually a contradiction, since an earlier cash payment to the card account has nothing to do with a loan.

The prepaid credit card service in Germany is based on the internationally applicable standard. For almost all American Express credit cards, consumers in Germany have to add a surcharge.

American Express has a subordinate position in Germany

American Express has a subordinate position in Germany

If you want to pay an excessive annual fee for a platinum card, you also get one. In Germany, a card with a black card does not have the same function as in some other countries.

Free credit card payment or annual fee? Most bank customers charge an annual fee for a card. In most cases, the card is provided free of charge in addition to the current account in direct banking. To be available. Credit institutions can take advantage of credit card use.