DVIDS – News – Casing of the Colours: The Iron Eagles prepare for Europe

FORT BLISS, Texas – On August 4, 2022, 1st Armored Division Combat Aviation Brigade (1AD CAB) held a Color Ceremony signaling the start of their long-awaited rotation to Europe in support by Atlantic Resolve.

The wrap of colors is a centuries-old ceremonial tradition dating back to the origins of the United States military. Units waved banners to rally troops on the battlefield and maintain cohesion in this era. Modern warfare no longer calls for a rallying point for multitudes of soldiers; instead, colors, with battle streamers attached, now join their unit in formations at ceremonies to signify their presence in previous conflicts.

Today’s Army wears the colors, solidifying the movement of a garrison organization’s headquarters and that of its subordinate units to a forward operating station in a deployed environment. This ceremony symbolizes the transfer of the organization from Fort Bliss, Texas to the US Army European Command (EUCOM) area of ​​operations supporting Atlantic Resolve.

The Combat Aviation Brigade displayed the full range of its ceremonial power as soldiers, families and leaders gathered to mark the occasion, 1st Armored Division style. The 1AD CAB battalions also brought their colors into unison with the brigade, fulfilling their resolve to join the deployment and ensure its success.

Brig. General James P. Isenhower III, commander of the 1st Armored Division, stood proud and optimistic as his opening remarks showed the confidence now placed in his deadliest formation.

“Since February 2022, our Department of Defense has deployed or expanded more than 20,000 additional forces to Europe in response to events in Ukraine. This training joins more than 100,000 service members across Europe, including V Corps and the 1st Infantry Division, enabling multinational forces ready on NATO’s eastern and southern flank, supporting NATO’s credible combat defense and deterrence capability.”

Isenhower knows the business he and the nation have asked the brigade to endure in the months to come. Yet his unwavering faith remains unwavering as one chapter closes and another opens on a distant shore.
“This combat aviation brigade and its critical capabilities are a direct and visible contribution to a collective response that warns adversaries and reminds them that the U.S. military stands ready to provide options to combatant commanders by deploying anywhere. .”

The seasoned commander is no stranger to conflict and fully understands the amount of preparation and sacrifice required to embark on such a mission. Having answered the call in the past, Isenhower confirmed that like those elite units that came before them, the Iron Eagles would reach new heights.

Isenhower confirmed to the brigade that their efforts are met with gratitude and commitment on the home front, “I thank the Iron Eagle families for their support on the long and difficult road of preparing to deploy. Fort Bliss, 1st Armored Division, and the El Paso Community stands by your side and will be there to support you during this deployment.”

In his closing comments, Isenhower reminded the brigade of who they volunteered to be. He said: “In the United States Armored Division, our goal is to provide our army and our country with a combat-ready force that cares for its people and accomplishes every mission, and if necessary, fights and wins the wars of our nation. We wish you all a safe journey, a successful mission and a safe return. May God be quick. Iron soldiers!”

Following in Isenhower’s footsteps, Colonel John A. Morris III, commander of the Combat Aviation Brigade, took his place at the speakers’ podium and delivered remarks that demonstrated his confidence in his formation.

Setting the stage for what was to come, Morris spoke of the importance of the country’s ninth aviation rotation to Europe. “Since 2014, the U.S. military has deployed units to Europe to support Atlantic Resolve. This mission sees approximately 7,000 troops deployed to support bilateral, joint, and multinational training events in more than a dozen countries. Up to Now, there have been eight rotations in Europe to support and partner with our friends and allies. We will be part of the ninth.”

Morris knows that this rotation holds a special place in the history of the Combat Aviation Brigade, “Europe provides the perfect backdrop for the next chapter in our unit’s legacy. We are beginning this next chapter as that we are deploying to the birthplace of our brigade. On December 16, 1986, this combat aviation brigade was born in Ansbach, Germany.” The brigade’s lineage will grow when the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade (1ACB), 1st Cavalry Division (1CD), transfers authority to 1AD CAB in September 2022. Morris said, “The crest of iron we all wear on our shoulders is a well-known symbol, both in Germany and throughout Europe. It symbolizes the power and spirit of the United States Army’s premier fighting force, the First Armored Division. Our allies and partners know it, our opinions know it, and the world will know it when it’s over. of the Army’s ninth Atlantic Resolve rotation.

The goal of Atlantic Resolve is to improve interoperability – the ability of US armed forces to use capabilities in cooperation with partner nations; essential to strengthen alliances and partnerships capable of meeting today’s global security challenges.

“Five times the nation has called on this combat aviation brigade to deploy into combat. The Iron Eagles have answered the call, no matter the occasion or emergency mission around the world. The will of iron and the determination of the soldiers and soldiers within this distinguished brigade was evident, just as they are today. This iron determination will be instrumental in managing the tyranny of distance from which we will be face over the next nine months, operating in more than 18 countries, covering a distance equivalent to Miami to Boston,” Morris said.

Under the direction of Colonel Morris, the brigade would train tirelessly under austere conditions, achieving unprecedented feats during its time in Europe. Peak altitudes and consistent arctic temperatures will seek to test their resolve and “iron will” in ways 1AD CAB could never have imagined. Alongside allies and partners, the Iron Eagles will build trust in their bonds of friendship and unified abilities.

This rotation is the first time 1AD CAB will fully deploy the brigade to Europe and the ninth for an aviation brigade for Atlantic Resolve. The brigade will align under the mission command of the 1st Infantry Division (1ID) Forward (Fwd.). The Iron Eagles will primarily operate from Poland, but will have a presence in other Atlantic Resolve partner countries, such as Latvia, Romania and Germany.

Morris ended his remarks tenaciously by saying, “The next nine months will be as challenging as they are rewarding. From training with our allies and partners to building new friendships across Europe. The Iron Eagle combat aviation brigade is ready. Ready to train, ready to maintain, and if asked, ready to fight!”

Atlantic Resolve is funded by the European Deterrence Initiative, which enables the United States to enhance deterrence, increase preparedness, and support NATO.

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For more information on the 1st Armored Division, Combat Aviation Brigade, please contact Capt. William R. Stroud, Brigade Public Affairs Officer, at [email protected]

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