It’s time for Europe to wake up and realize where the Anglo-Saxon duo are leading them

Maria Zakharova

MINSK, Feb. 21 (BelTA) — It’s time for EU countries to wake up and realize where the US and UK are leading them, Russian Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova has said on the airwaves of the first Russian channel, TASS reported.

“At some point, Europe should wake up and wonder where this so-called Anglo-Saxon duo is leading them. Incidentally, the UK left the EU at a time when it was becoming more advantageous for them to be outside the EU,” the diplomat said.

“Once the European partners decide that their own interests come first, that’s probably only when something will change for them. For now, they will continue not to hear or understand,” said said Maria Zakharova.

She also said that the United States was encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky not to implement the Minsk agreements, while destroying his country. “He [Volodymyr Zelensky] does not want to hear what needs to be done to move towards resolving the situation and implementing the Minsk agreements. Why can’t he hear it? Because behind him, next to him and holding his hand are his American conservatives, telling him other things and pushing him not to respect the Minsk agreements, while bringing his country down,” said Maria Zakharova.

The diplomat also noted that no one listens to “the Ukrainian president’s calls to stop the campaign of information terrorism” as it affects his country. “He tried to explain to them using one-syllable words that they were destroying the Ukrainian economy, killing its investment potential. They just didn’t want to hear it,” said Maria Zakharova.

Meanwhile, Europe stands and watches, not understanding what will happen to the European continent.