LETTERS: Europe’s mistake, a lack of a good energy mix; Reopen SH 236 | Letters

A good mix

How come climate activists are allowing the city dump to spread methane all over everyone? Why was this allowed to go on forever?

It’s not a bad idea to do what they suggest, but solar power is useless at night unless you have a huge place to store it. Build all the solar you want, but unless it’s stored it doesn’t do anything for you at night.

And nuclear? It’s not your grandmother’s nuclear power plant. They are modular, can be up and running quickly, are safe and produce little to no waste – and can power up to over a million homes. More than enough for Waco or the county. In addition, they produce electricity 24/7.

People also read…

We need more energy as we grow and there are more solutions than solar and wind. Everything helps, but we must not put all our eggs in one basket, which is limited, as seen in chess in California and Europe. In addition, there will always be a need for natural gas.

This is a transition, not a water tap that you turn off and on again. You don’t sell your house until you first have a place to live. Right now, the country is doing it backwards. Let’s learn from the lessons we see.

Reopen SH 236

TxDOT closed State Highway 236 at the Leon River over a year ago. This created a major inconvenience for the inhabitants on several levels.

Most of us have an address in Moody’s and do most of our business in Moody’s or McGregor; it doubles the time and expense for us.

Access to emergency services is compromised.

Access to Mother Neff State Park from the south is ridiculous.

We have been patient with the progress as the bridge upgrade was badly needed due to SH 236 being intermittently closed due to flooding. There were several delays, but now progress is essentially halted due to a railing material dispute between the contractor and TxDOT. We were unable to get an update on completion and reopening.

The bridge is complete except for the railing. We need SH 236 reopened through temporary means (I would suggest the concrete lane barriers they use everywhere) while they sort out their issues.

This delay is not acceptable when there are ways to prevent it.

too much queen

I was appalled by CNN’s coverage of the Queen of England’s health, which lasted for hours before her death. All other news has been buried, including the huge issues facing the UK that are negatively impacting the lives of its citizens. With so many people in the UK living in poverty and desperately trying to cope with rising costs, media coverage of the Queen’s impending death was rhetorically inappropriate and meaningless. As someone who has taught communication for over 40 years, I was particularly struck by how morbid, macabre, and inappropriate the speech of CNN reporters was, praising and commemorating her several hours before her death.

Additionally, CNN’s photos and videos of the Queen’s family arriving, complete with comments about who was in which car, as well as the family members’ grim expressions, were unwarranted; this violated the Royal Family’s desire for privacy and decorum. Simply put, waiting for the queen to die shouldn’t get so much attention. To be clear: I am no royalist, but I fully understand how important the Queen is to so many people and countries. Nonetheless, CNN’s coverage was excessive and constituted the wrong kind of rhetoric and set the wrong tone.