Mitsotakis: End of EU surveillance a ‘historic day’

The end of EU monitoring of Greek government spending after 12 years marks “a historic day”, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Saturday.

“August 20, 2022 is a historic day for Greece and for all Greeks: our country is exiting the EU’s enhanced surveillance framework,” he said in a video address.

The country could now envisage a new horizon of its own… that of development, unity and prosperity for all.

This decision put an end to “a 12-year cycle that made citizens suffer”. This has led to the stagnation of the economy and the division of society. He added that the memoranda had imposed “unbearable taxes and wage and pension cuts, banking controls and mortgages on public assets, the downgrading of national defense, public education and health, as well as than the marginalization of Greece’s position in Europe and in the world. ”

He said a number of the “wounds” that had opened up in society during the 12 years of surveillance were now a thing of the past, identifying them as “the fanaticism, the fires, the violence”, “the weakening blindness of institutions”, “the lies that have arisen across the squares of the city” and “the poison of the Golden Dawn”.

In a swipe at the main opposition SYRIZA, which was in power from 2015 to 2019, he said: “Four years of demagoguery followed which cost our nation 100 billion euros and pushed the country to the precipice.”

Referring to his own period in power, he said: “These past three years are, in practice, a response to the lessons of the past 12 years. They show the way so that we never, ever go back to what we have been through.

The European Commission, which oversees the budgets of the 27 EU member countries, said on Wednesday it would end its “enhanced surveillance” program on August 20, noting that “Greece has delivered on the bulk of political commitments “taken towards its partners in the euro zone. .