Mr. Biden, you are president of the United States, not of Europe

The perception is growing in Asia, South America and Africa that the only continent (apart from his own) President Biden is interested in is Europe.

President Joe Biden is rightly proud of his Irish roots. This columnist has long been biased in his esteem for the Irish. Her favorite uncle, Dr. N. Mohandas, studied medicine and worked for a time in Ireland. He loved the place and its people, and used to describe both to his nephew in terms of adoration. In another cameo, while visiting Germany and after grabbing a teapot and a piece of cake from a restaurant in Munich, this columnist discovered he had left his wallet at the hotel. What came next? A visit to the police station, or do the dishes in repair? The waitress, who said she was Irish (which explained her impeccable English) smiled at the dilemma and waived the charges, saying “like you in India, we too in Ireland have been oppressed by the English”. Not to mention that among the most biting satirists of all time was another uncle, Aubrey Menen, whose mother was an Irish beauty who fell in love with and married a taciturn Indian doctor then practicing in the United Kingdom. United, my great-uncle. Aubrey’s mother was warm and loving towards her Indian parents, a quality that was reciprocated for everyone who met her, according to family tradition. How then is it possible to dislike the Irish, despite the difficulties of retaining such emotions while considering some of the ways Biden has navigated through his presidency of the United States? In a world where Asia has replaced Europe as the focal point of geopolitical importance, and where the People’s Republic of China has replaced the long-dead Soviet Union as the primary threat to the United States and its allies and partners, President Biden acts as if he is unaware of such a trip. In countries and continents that are not members of the NATO alliance, the perception is growing that all President Biden cares about are NATO members, not another country or its people. Otherwise, how to explain why the US Embassy in the world’s other great democracy, India, functioned for two years without an Ambassador? Or why can a citizen of the PRC obtain a visa to travel to the United States in two days, while for an Indian citizen, this process can take more than eight hundred days? If Secretary of State Antony Blinken were to be taken at his word that such a discrepancy was caused by the disruptions of Covid-19, he must be informed that the situation regarding this population control mechanism discovered by the Institute of Wuhan virology is (judging by Xi’s answers) raging across China in a much worse way than it is in India.
Some in the Washington Beltway claim that the 46th President of the United States consults with Bill Clinton much more often than he does with Barack Obama, although the latter has made him his vice president and Clinton in the White House does not left no record of ever having offered Senator Biden any executive branch position. The Clintons’ Europeanist bias rubbed off on Biden, who brought US politics back to the Soviet era. It may be mentioned that the explanation given by Bill Clinton for his refusal in the 1990s to accede to Moscow’s pleas to integrate him into NATO and the EU was that he could not forget Russia to Ivan the Terrible and the other cruel despots who had ruled this country. A long memory indeed. Fortunately, Clinton does not see her own country through the prism of the period when slavery was rampant, or an earlier period when the Native American population was not just decimated (one in ten being killed) but almost completely slaughtered. Sweet words aside, President Clinton’s “gift” to the African-American community was to change criminal laws in a way that multiplied the number of them going to jail, while President Biden spends dozens of billions of taxpayers’ dollars to send armaments to Ukraine. rather than the African Americans who voted en bloc for him in 2020. Shortly after taking up residence in the White House, Biden vowed he would “have the back” of the African American community. Instead, with his obsessive focus on crushing Russia in Ukraine, it appears to many American voters that he has shown them his own back. And not just to American citizens who en bloc voted for Biden in 2020. The perception is growing in Asia, South America and Africa that the only continent (apart from his own) that President Biden cares about is Europe. No wonder Washington’s influence on these continents is waning even faster than Biden’s popularity with African Americans, which has plummeted since the early months of his Ukrainian adventure. In South America, more and more countries have elected heads of state who are immune to obedience to American dictates, the latest being almost certainly Brazil under Lula’s presidency. The GCC and OPEC are throwing White House orders in the trash. Given his Ukrainian obsession in line with his EU partners, those around the world who are not of European descent perhaps unfairly view Biden as having the same ethnic bias as Trump, the difference being that Trump has shown this bias at home, while Biden is seen as demonstrating it internationally and not internally. Trump was, like him or not, all-American. Joe Biden, like many of his top picks, still acts as if he sees himself less as an American and more as a displaced European across the pond.
Somalia is spoken of as an illustration of Biden’s Eurobias. The people of this country are in agony, and yet not just Biden, but even the usually talkative Ilhan Omar seems to have barely noticed. Compare such inattention and the absence of any substantive response to the way taxpayers’ money and diplomatic and military attention are given to Ukraine to weaken Russia. Contrast that with the relatively anemic logistical response to the threat that Taiwan faces, compared to aid to Ukraine. Or, the repeated incursions and occupation of sovereign Indian territory by China and Pakistan over the decades. Such illegal occupation is seen as deserving of a vigorous response from the White House only when a European population is involved, not citizens of the world’s other major democracy. Indeed, the US representative to the UN explicitly rejected Obama’s promise that the US would support India’s entry into the UNSC as a permanent member. Clearly, Biden now has the edge over Trump in losing friends and pushing people away.