Ontario drivers need only look to Europe for solutions as gas prices soar

Gas prices continue to rise every week and this obviously affects costs for everyone, directly or indirectly, with consequent complaints and criticism towards the government and the oil companies.

Rising fuel prices are difficult and nearly impossible for governments to control effectively, but they are within the direct control of most consumers. To briefly explain, the majority of vehicles driven in Ontario are owned or leased based on want, not necessity. Many of these vehicles are oversized sport utility vehicles and vacuum pickup trucks driven as single-person transportation. The fuel consumption of these vehicles is extreme compared to Europe and several other countries where the price of fuel is almost double that of North America.

Additionally, the Canadian driving style of rushing and stopping at the next red light is a significant contributor to excessive fuel consumption.

Trading in these mostly useless vehicles for smaller, more fuel-efficient ones, along with better driving habits, will obviously reduce the fuel bill. A 30% reduction in fuel consumption suddenly makes $2 a liter of fuel equal to $1.40 a litre.

Maybe gasoline is still too cheap in Canada and we need to reach European prices before we curb our grotesque consumption and continued exploitation of the environment.