Russia cuts oil and gas supplies to Europe in retaliation for EU sanctions

Moscow announced the move on Monday, following hard-hit EU sanctions earlier this year.

Clement Manyathela spoke with Russian political analyst Dmitry Babich and Professor of International Relations at Wits University Malte Brosig about Russia’s cut in oil and gas supplies to the European Union (EU).

It’s a blow for a blow in the European Union (EU) as Russia made a checkmate by cutting off oil and gas supplies in a bid to get sanctions lifted.

The bloc sanctioned Russia after it invaded Ukraine in February this year.

A Russian political analyst, Dmitry Babich, said his country’s decision was to send a strong message of retaliation.

Babich added that travel restrictions to other European countries imposed on Russians have also fueled the indefinite shutdown of oil and gas.

The problem of the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia makes it difficult for the country to supply Europe with gas and oil. What Russia is trying to do is send the message and make the European Union feel the consequences.

Dmitry Babich, Russian political analyst

The other important factor is the attempt of several European countries to prevent Russians from having visas to travel to European countries.

Dmitry Babich, Russian political analyst

Joining the conversation, Malte Brosig, an associate professor in the department of international relations at Wits University, said some countries in the bloc would feel the economic pinch.

He added that despite the cut in energy supplies, the EU was likely to end sanctions against Moscow.

This pressure is increasing and energy prices will rise…and many European countries will be forced to have bailouts for their own economies to avoid recession.

Prof Malte Brosig, Associate Professor International Relations – Wits University

I do not see the sanctions disappearing soon in Russia.

Prof Malte Brosig, Associate Professor International Relations – Wits Universityi

South Africa is among the major nations affected by the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

The supply of weapons from European Union countries to Ukraine where the war is currently taking place has also angered Russia.

Dmitry Babich, Russian political analyst

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