Russia: Now we know more about Europe – By: . .

By: Kabiru Tsakuwa

Prior to the unfortunate war between Russia and Ukraine, many local and global issues remained opaque to our ordinary understanding of international relations for many years.

The war in Ukraine had, however, helped to solve some of these thorny problems. First, he exposed Europe as an empty and barren land whose existence is solely based on the magnanimity of Russia and African resources because without Russia and Africa, Europe and Europeans will die hungry and cold at sub-zero temperature.

Indeed, we now know that without the wheat grown in super abundance in Russia, Europeans, and most of Africa and the Middle East will starve.

And as Africans, we have come to understand that “survival” is why European countries are jostling for Africa’s resources through legitimate and illegitimate means…That widespread conflict and insecurity in African countries; especially in resources, rich African nations are deliberately geared towards extracting much-needed resources.

In retrospect and painfully, we now know why many patriotic and revolutionary leaders in Africa have been summarily eliminated, and why corrupt African leaders are lasting longer than necessary in power.

However, quite gratifyingly, some African countries have begun to figure out how to survive the rampaging resources of starving European nations, and that they desperately need Russia to come closer to them in order to survive the current onslaught of desperate European nations. .

As Nigerians too, we have now realized the wisdom of the Federal Government’s agriculture policy and backward integration efforts that have gone a long way in protecting our beloved country from the current global hunger. One can imagine the catastrophe that could have enveloped our dear nation had the federal government turned away from aggressively pursuing agriculture, especially in this perilous time.

We need to tell the Federal Government that their agricultural policy is working and has kept us from joining the league of beggar nations in Europe and parts of Africa, only to patronize almighty Russia to help feed us.

Again, Nigerians have also realized the importance of Federal Government policy on transporting gas across the country, especially the ongoing Abuja-Kano pipeline. Honestly, before the Russian-Ukrainian war, and seeing how Europe is suddenly on the brink of collapse due to the closure of the Russian Nord stream 1 gas pipeline; It has become public knowledge that the AKK and similar projects across the country by President Buhari’s government are worth for the survival of Nigeria and the world. We thought it was a white elephant project similar to many projects across the country, but now not at all.

There is no longer any doubt that the whole world needed Russia, more than Russia needed the world. And for the world to live happily and serenely, we need a multipolar world to quell the excesses of each other, and on this thread; Russia/China deserved our support.

Tsakuwa writes from Kano.