Scotland should be independent because UK is “f *****”, College of Europe professor warns

A European affairs expert warned the Scots to “run away” from the Union, describing the UK as “irrevocably politically f *****”.

Jon Worth, journalist and visiting professor at the College of Europe, was urged to intervene as ‘desperate’ Labor did not support the establishment of a proportionally representative voting system for the general election during their troubled conference .

The motion had been brought forward by more than 150 constituency Labor Parties (CLP), with around 80% of the CLP vote supporting it at the conference. But the votes of affiliates, mainly unions, were 95% opposed, so he was defeated.

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Labor for a New Democracy activist Laura Parker expressed frustration with the outcome and argued that Starmer should have shown more support for electoral reform.

“The truth is that if the leaders had embarked on this unifying policy as intensely as they pushed their own proposed rule changes, public relations would now be the policy of work,” she told The Guardian.

Worth, originally from Newport but now living in Berlin, is monitoring recent political developments in the UK and the consequences of Brexit – which have so far included a severe shortage of truck drivers, empty supermarket shelves and problems fuel supply.

After the Labor conference vote last night, the longtime EU affairs blogger took to social media to express his frustration at the lack of opposition to the UK government.

He called Starmer’s party “a pile of despair so dying I don’t know what to do to save it.”

A frustrated Worth continued: “Really, Scotland go. Save yourself because you can. And finally Wales too. And Northern Ireland too, provided it doesn’t end in a bloodbath

‘The UK is so irrevocably fucked up politically and Labor is no response to the Conservatives’ malice, and the Greens and LibDems cannot be under [First Past the Post]. ”

Labor members expressed disappointment at the result on public relations – stressing that during his leadership campaign, Starmer had promised to consult on electoral reform and include it in his constitutional convention, as well as to promise a ” radical devolution of power ”.

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Polls do not show majority support for public relations among the British public (42% told YouGov they would support changing from first past the post to first past the post), but 62% of Labor voters support the proposal.

A spokesperson for Labor for a New Democracy said they remained “determined” to push Labor in the next general election with a pledge to support PR and replace the “rotten” electoral system.

Meanwhile, Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said Labor’s decision shows why she believes the UK will not change from the current setup.

“The British Labor Party, by rejecting proportional representation, has reinforced my belief that the UK is fundamentally unreformable,” she tweeted. “He’s stuck with an unwritten constitution, unelected lords and conservative majorities in the predictable. No capacity to adapt or change.”