Sungrow Showcases Long-Term Innovations to Build a Sustainable Energy Future

The “1+X” modular inverter presented at the exhibition is expected to lead the next generation of inverter designation for large-scale solar power plants. It has a minimum single unit of 1.1MW and 8.8MW as maximum capacity through combing eight units. Customers can choose between 1.1MW and 8.8MW to meet their necessary needs.

The solution benefits from modularization at the inverter level, at the system level and at the component level. Three-level modularization makes power plant design more flexible and any future O&M more convenient.

Suitable for large-scale factories, Sungrow also introduced its powerful string inverter, The SG350HX, winner in the 2021 inverter category of PV Magazine.

PowerTitan: liquid-cooled energy storage system

Sungrow’s large-scale liquid-cooled energy storage system, the PowerTitan, was also showcased. The system was selected as a finalist in the PRICE EE 2022in the Electrical Energy Storage category, a sign of incomparable innovation in the energy storage market.

The PowerTitan achieves higher levels of efficiency and performance with liquid cooling technology. Temperature drift between individual cells is kept below three degrees Celsius, extending life by 10%. The new cluster controller can individually charge and discharge separate battery racks, improving overall system performance by 6%. Automatic state-of-charge (SoC) calibration and automated coolant refill significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Notably, Sungrow has obtained more than one gigawatt hour orders for the liquid-cooled ESS PowerTitan since its debut last October.

Residential solar charging-storage-EV solution: beyond expectations

Intersolar Europe is an opportune time for Sungrow to launch a host of new product offerings to increase commercial and residential adoption. This includes the residential solar-storage-EV charging solution, which connects solar power, storage, and an EV charger, making homeowners cost effective and resilient to utility disruptions such as power outages.

As for Sungrow’s EV Charger business, the company introduced its new charging solution, AC011E-01. This EV charger is the latest addition to Sungrow’s existing three-phase hybrid battery and inverter solutions. The battery is of modular design with 3 to 8 modules per battery. Customers can increase capacity from 9.6 kWh to 25.6 kWh for maximum flexibility. The solar-storage-EV charging solution represents a new all-in-one system for residential installations that goes beyond expectations.

Other highlights include a new meter with 2CT to retrofit existing installations and a new power class from the Commercial Extreme series: the SG125CX, which is compatible with the latest high-power modules on the market.

“Intersolar Europe is a great gathering for Sungrow and our partners as well as stakeholders. PV and their energy storage This year, we are delighted to meet again with our customers and partners to present new offers that make the supply of electricity more sustainable, reliable, accessible and profitable”, Lewis Lisaid the Managing Director of Sungrow Europe at Sungrow’s booth (B3.450).

“As a member of RE100 and EP100, Sungrow is very adamant that sustainability is in our DNA and that our commitment to preserving our planet is at the heart of everything we do. We are taking multiple climate actions including the planting of 500 trees near Munich recently. The trees were planted again with our partner PLANT-MY-TREE®,” he added.

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