The work of the Congress contributes to good democratic governance in Council of Europe member states

“The Congress’ current priorities for 2021-2026 focus on environmental and social sustainability, the digital revolution, as well as civic engagement”, underlined Jelena Drenjanin (EPP/CCE), Chair of the Governance Committee of the Congress, during the 15th plenary meeting of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG) on 22 April 2022. She mentioned in particular the report on the use of deliberative methods in European municipalities and regions, adopted by the Congress in March 2022, which provides practical guidance and concrete examples for municipalities and regions and could be a useful contribution to the CDDG’s current reflection on deliberative democracy. “Deliberative methods complement local representative democracy by making it more resilient by enhancing the impact of citizens on policy-making. They contribute to increasing the transparency of political decisions and confidence in democracy at local and regional level,” she said.

Ms Drenjanin highlighted other potential areas of co-operation between the Congress and the CDDG such as good democratic governance, multi-level governance, green public administration, cross-border co-operation and the Covid-19 crisis. She also mentioned three thematic reports being prepared by the Governance Committee with a view to their adoption by the Congress in October 2022, which could be of interest to the CDDG: “Regional identities: improving dialogue to reduce regional tensions”, “The impact hate speech and fake news on the working conditions of local and regional elected officials”, and “Smart cities and smart regions”.

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The European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG) is the intergovernmental structure of the Council of Europe where senior officials from the 46 member states meet to share information on policies and best practices, as well as to develop or implement up-to-date standards, in the areas of modernization of democratic institutions, public administration reform, citizen participation and democratic governance at all levels.