Ukraine is independent | New Europe

As Ukraine celebrates its 31st year of independence, it finds itself waging a war for its existential existence. This is not a war of his choosing or making and it is not the result of his belligerence, but a consequence of the imperialist ambition of his neighbor who cannot help himself from the new historical reality that will soon redefine the existence of the region.

However, Ukraine has made a choice of its own free will which confirms and defines its independence: it has chosen to resist the imperialist ambitions of Russia, thereby asserting its sovereignty.

He decided to go this route at a cost that has not yet been fully quantified. After six months of war that many thought would last a week, what can be known for certain is that Ukraine will in no way be occupied, submit to the political subjugation of Russia or compromise not its political sovereignty.

This is not a war of independence. Ukraine is an independent, modern and democratic European nation.

Regardless of the ever-changing military situation on the ground, Ukraine has already won the war against Russia. Because if there is a truism that is revealed every day in defending itself against an authoritarian and genocidal criminal neighbor, it is that the world recognizes that Ukraine will never submit to the dictates of the Russian world. Period.

It remains for Ukraine to count its dead, mourn them, and then resume the work of transforming its society into a modern, dignified, rule-based democratic state.

Ukraine’s resistance has upended long-held assumptions about the validity of the “sphere of influence” principle in a post-Cold War world. His resistance and sacrifice earned him the right to make his own decisions about his sovereignty and the determination of his national destiny. He categorically rejects Russia and has chosen “Europe” and the political traditions of democracy.

Ukraine is not Russia and never will be. It never was. Despite decades, if not centuries, of Russian efforts and Soviet propaganda to distort Ukraine’s unique history and culture in order to influence Ukrainian thinking as part of its empire, Ukraine is , by all definitions, a sovereign country.

This is a stubborn truth for many, and even some Westerners, to accept, but it is nonetheless true and cannot be denied. Ukraine’s current resistance to Russian ambitions and its willingness to sacrifice itself on the battlefield only further testify to its determination.

Ukraine will never submit to the imperial ambitions of Russia. It can’t. Ukrainian values, including their inherent genetic predisposition to freedom, will not allow this to happen. Ukraine has proven and continues to resist Putin’s fascism and the genocidal aggression of the Russian army on the battlefield. This can only harden this fact in the mentality of the Russian mind and that of Kyiv’s Western partners.

Russia’s arrogance and its political and economic isolation will probably lead to its weakening and final demise. His conception of the use of power led to revealing the perversity of his power. This is yet another truism that resulted from the Ukrainian existential critique of Russian chauvinism. Russia is a culture of death and anti-human.

In this region, leadership, modernity and change in human rights, as well as pragmatic cultural and economic innovation have always emanated from Kyiv. History shows that it is Ukraine that determines the great history of the region. It is a story that cannot be denied.

As the war ends in Ukraine, she will once again seize the opportunity to evolve on her historic European course. By winning the war, he will have evolved in his understanding of how his history and worldview will shape and ultimately determine the future of this region. More importantly, it is within the framework of this historical tradition that it will surely transform itself into a modern and democratic nation based on the primacy of human dignity and the rule of law.

Russia has never had such traditions and such values ​​are both alien to Russians in terms of their psychology and societal practice. The Russians, despite their periodic ambitions towards Europe, have always revealed that the essence of their civilization is deeply rooted in Asian despotism. Russia has never evolved into a country where there is respect for human dignity or the rule of law as the basis of the internal political system. These essential ingredients simply do not exist in their genes.

The proof of this is evident as they attempt to destroy both a country and a culture that aspires to transform itself into a society where individual freedom and the aspirations of its people are directed towards national freedom and self-reliance based on sovereign rules.

Putin understands this very well. This is what he fears. This is why he wants to destroy Ukraine. It applies the only mechanism that the culture of Russia and the remnants of Soviet totalitarianism and authoritarianism allow, that is; if you can’t control something or someone, then you destroy them, especially if they resist.

Russia, and Putinism in particular, are not builders of a society that provides a context for individual human progress, but are destroyers of soul and life, devotees of the culture of death who constantly follow the path of subjugation, imposing serfdom on all who aspire to express their innate desire for freedom and sovereignty. This is also why they bomb hospitals, schools and cultural institutions and kill civilians. They are fearmongers and are responsible for the displacement of millions of people.

Post-Maidan Ukraine has chosen the path of freedom and as such is seen as a threat to the current political order and the very existence of Russia as it is now formulated. The Russian Federation has lost the philosophical war against Ukraine, but it does not realize it yet. Its nihilism is incapable of even humanly justifying its validity in its current operation. For Putin and for a majority of Russians, war is freedom.

Those seeking peace must accept a new formulation and understanding of an independent Ukraine. Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence are non-negotiable. This is the new reality. Ironically, this change in scenery was brought about by an arrogant and bold Putin when he started the war against Ukraine.

Ukraine is learning that independence and the freedom that comes with it must be fought and that the price of freedom is high, both in blood and in money. But it is clear that Ukraine and most of its people are ready to pay this price.

This very fact cannot escape its Western partners. In the struggle for freedom, sovereignty and independence, there is no quarter to be given in the form of compromise. Ukraine can no longer be seen as a “border country” whose fate and fate can be negotiated through compromises at a negotiating table.

An independent Ukraine is a historical fact. Imperial thinkers must accept this new reality and act accordingly if a “geopolitical” peace is to be achieved.