Ukrainian refugees continue to flood Europe

HHundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees are fleeing their home country due to the Russian invasion. Many are still trying to leave Ukraine, filling the roads with cars stretching for miles. But those who might cross borders need help.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 and continues, forcing more people to move to neighboring countries. The war so far has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and may leave a war-torn Ukraine behind.

Valeria’s journey to becoming a refugee

Valeria, 21, a student who crossed the borders of Poland from Ukraine, is mourning the fact that she will not return to her normal life in Ukraine. She never thought of leaving her country, even her village, when the war broke out. She told Politics Today: “We thought it would be safer in the villages; but that was not the case. Her father drove her to kyiv, the capital, where she took an evacuation train to Lviv en route to Poland.

She added that “it was horrible. There were too many people on the train, there was no room. We stayed on the train for 12 hours, and sometimes we were lucky enough to sit on suitcases or on the ground. After arriving in Lviv, she stayed there for a few days. Her friend took her to the border, which she crossed on foot. Later, a volunteer took her and took her drive to Warsaw. She notes that “it was pretty amazing to see how people from other countries volunteered and helped us get to places, eat or stay.”