We will determine our future in 2023, Nigerian students in Europe swear

The Association of Nigerian Students in Europe (ANSE) has pledged that its members across European countries will decide their fate in the upcoming general elections in Nigeria by electing leaders who will ensure their uninterrupted welfare.

ANSE President Bashiru Saidu Muhammad revealed this in a statement made available to journalists on Sunday.

According to him, “As diaspora students with millions of Nigerian students studying in European countries, we have mobilized to return home and exercise our right to vote. We must determine our future by electing leaders who have young people at heart.

“Our numerical strength can change the narrative and we are committed to using it to realize our future prospects. We cannot continue to elect leaders who abandon us to suffer abroad after sponsoring us; who make suffer our parents at home; who made our country a beggar nation and made Nigeria run on a faceless economy.

“On a worse note, our leaders have beaten our country’s education system with our Nigerian counterparts forced to languish on the streets for eight months and the Federal Government failing on all fronts to honor its agreements with the Universities Academic Staff Union. (ASUU), to enable students to return to school,” Muhammad said.

He further said that many state governors had to leave their students without paying tuition and scholarships, a situation that had caused many students to languish in shortage in countries they had no one on. who to count.

“Some state governors let their international students study in Europe without paying their tuition, accommodation and other fees, which makes these students suffer in those countries where they have no one to rely on,” adding that ” some of these students end up engaging in criminal activities to make ends meet.

He therefore pledged to continue mobilizing Nigerian students studying in Europe to ensure that they return home to vote for leaders who would better serve the country and the people in 2023.